Get Involved

While we near the end of Rocktober and move into November, I can’t help but start reflecting on the last year, as it relates to music (among other things). It’s too soon to start revealing what my favorite albums of the year are going to be, though I’m already compiling the list. Some of you could probably guess what’s going to show up at the top. Yeah, Queens Of The Stone Age will be up there. A lot has happened in the last year. It been good to see artists, and I’m talking BIG artists, campaign against the RIAA and the unfair practices of the major labels. Don’t get me wrong. The majors still serve a purpose, but they are becoming more and more obsolete. They are scrambling to figure out how to make money in an age where consumers are listening to music on digital devices, continuing to steal music and are educating themselves about the business.

There’s a battle that’s brewing and it’s important for consumers (you and I) to get involved in any way we can. Taking a chance on a little known band, supporting live music and shopping at the mom and pop shops is a great start, but there’s more to be done. Supporting the efforts of the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a damn good place to start, and I highly recommend educating yourself about their campaigns and helping out where you can.

What are some of the campaigns/causes that you think people should know about? What are you doing to support the artists and their music (aside from the obvious things)?