Getting Rid of Stuff

I did it. Today was the day that I got rid of an entire collection of magazines. Yes, even three year’s worth of Rolling Stone and four year’s worth of Wired. Other recyclables included two years of Los Angeles Magazine, several issues of Wallpaper, Interview, Uncut, Q, and Scuba diving magazines I didn’t even know I had. I still need to dig in the closet for the 60-pound box of Rolling Stone magazines. I admit to keeping the yearbooks and special issues. Hell, I even kept some issues of Wired, but I now have an empty bookcase that will be sitting in the alley behind my apartment for someone to grab.

I also rearranged my office. This was another task that was long overdue. If I could rearrange everything in my apartment every year or so, I probably would. I get bored easy and if nothing else, it’s damn good exercise. The thing is, now I have all of this blank wall space in my office. I guess it’s time to break out the posters…WAIT…the Rolling Stones…I could do a collage! Kidding.

The next project is cleaning out the closets in my office. It’s like a technology graveyard. If anyone wants an old PowerMac 9500 (w/G4 upgrade), A SCSI Zip or Jaz drive or an HP LaserJet 5 email me a price. I’m probably going to end up donating most of it, so I’m not asking much for any of it.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have gotten rid of all of those magazines. It was completely therapudic, and I highly recommend you fellow pack rats to part with your shit. Sure, people won’t think you’re as educated and well-read, but I think it’s a good price to pay for some space.

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