Habits Of Supremely Happy People


  1. Surround yourself with other happy people
  2. Smile when you mean it
  3. Cultivate resilience
  4. Try to be happy
  5. Be mindful of the good
  6. Appreciate simple pleasures
  7. Devote some time to giving
  8. Let yourself lose track of time
  9. Nix smalltalk for deeper conversations
  10. Spend money on other people
  11. Make it a point to listen
  12. Uphold in-person connections
  13. Look on the bright side
  14. Value a good mixtape
  15. Unplug
  16. Get spiritual
  17. Make exercise a priority
  18. Go outside
  19. Spend time on the pillow
  20. LOL
  21. Walk the walk

This is a solid list. I would add meditation.

My sister asked me to speak at her wedding over the weekend and I talked about the pursuit of happiness. Sometime in my late teens, I made the conscious decision to work at being happy for the rest of my life. Make no mistake. It takes work. Some of that work takes the form of adversity and a lot of it won’t yield results immediately, but eventually it does. I continue to work every day to be a better, happier person.