Here’s what happened in America between April 14 and 17. In the state of Washington, a 6-hour downtime of the 911 emergency phone system was caused by a third-party vendor’s router failure, resulting in 4,500 missed emergency calls. Police responding to an unrelated incident at the home of a New Jersey man found three containers of radioactive material he had stolen from a military arsenal. A bomb threat was made against a Verizon call center in Tennessee. Copper thieves stole cabling, causing internet and phone outages in New Mexico, and then again in Hawaii. A routine police traffic stop found four people with over 100 counterfeit Walmart gift cards, $32,000 in blank money orders, and a credit card coding device. And a new piece of malware was discovered that compromises Android devices and makes them mine for the cryptocurrency Litecoin, among other things. This is only a sampling of the 90-plus events that were reported over a three-day period, but it is more than enough for the plot of a cyberpunk novel.

Adam Rothstein, on DHS’s Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report, which compiles a list of news stories about threats and calamities affecting United States infrastructure on a daily basis (via mikerugnetta)