Kansas…It feels like home when I go back, but the weather is just one of the reminders of why I don’t live there anymore. Granted, had I never moved to LA or if I had moved to NY, I never would mention the weather, but it sucks. It was in the nineties every day. Going to a wedding in a suit when it’s in the nineties should be illegal. Hell, having a wedding when it’s in the nineties should be illegal. The good did outweigh the bad while I was in Kansas. Sitting under the moonlight in the backyard of an old friend’s house was bliss. The trains went by every hour or so and lightning bugs were playing all around. It was heavenly. The company was wonderful and the moment just seemed perfect. Really, it could not have been a better time.

Spending time in Lawrence always makes me want to go back. The town is relaxed. There’s no rushing around. It’s a college town, so there’s a good mix of people. The residents of Lawrence are the best though. You wouldn’t know, but Lawrence is filled with talented artists, authors and a rich cultural history. Walking along the Kansas River near my old house, I was reminised about my years spent there. The walks I used to take with Holly along the railroad tracks are also vivid recollections. One square block of Lawrence has more character than most of LA, but the weather…oh man, the weather…

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  1. It’s such an odd thing (but really not) how “home” changes but is always the same in the ways that we want them to be. There are always the aspects about it that will forever outweigh wherever we are now. I suppose because it’s just home.

    I often wonder why so many of us are strangely drawn to a place like LA. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the city I grew up in (and still love to death)is about a hundred times more beautiful and amazing than LA, but I have lived there for nearly three years and plan on staying at least one more. The people at home are kinder, the air is cleaner, and there are real trees surrounding me on all sides. Why would I ever leave it? dunno. There is something about LA (and for me, the weather is not it) that keeps me there for whatever unexplained reasons there are.

    so in a couple weeks, I’ll be heading back to LA with the hopes that some of home will be traveling back with me.

    Everyone better hope I don’t bring the rain with me. oh wait, what rain? it’s in the 80’s here.

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