Humans Not From Monkeys

I try not to talk much about work-related stuff here, so you’ll have to excuse me if I make fun of a particular artist we’re doing something with. I was passing by a co-worker’s desk who showed me their wikipedia page, which excerpted an interview with them.

In an interview with Blender magazine, the two expressed their disbelief in the process of evolution, with Aly saying, "Are they teaching that in schools now?", and AJ adding, "Evolution is silly. Monkeys? Um, no." Both Aly and AJ are home schooled.

Subsequently, moments later as I was browsing, I stumbled upon the Top Ten Myths About Evolution.

Humans and great apes had a common ancestor
about 5 million years ago Humans and monkeys had a common ancestor about 50
million years ago. Nowhere, except in the most illiterate anti-evolution
literature, will you find a claim that humans evolved from monkeys.

Funny, eh?

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