I would buy vinyl and digital bundles all day long as well, but the problem is the sources for vinyl are drying up and it’s getting difficult to press. We need more factories.



Totally: just off the top of my head, the Sub Pop singles club, a bunch of stuff at Insound, and many of the Topspin releases work this way, too. Love it.

Though come to think of it, the one thing I’d love more is the ability to buy the mp3s with an option to buy vinyl at a discount within the next n days; I’ve shifted to buying vinyl only for the albums that I care about enough that I want my grandkids to be able to discover them in the attic someday, so that’s a relatively small subset of what I listen to and buy.

yvynyl: This is the future.



I love this. Merge Records sells the vinyl record along with a download code for the mp3s. I’ll do that all day long instead of buying the CD.