Illiterate Emailers

There is nothing quite as annoying and completely rude as when someone sends out emails devoid of proper capitalization, punctuation and at worst of all, proper English. I’ve found that top executives are the worst. Don’t even get me started on people with Blackberrys. The good people at c|net (via The NY TImes) have a good write-up about this very thing. The examples are humorous and hideous.

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  1. carolyn Avatar

    i am very bad about that myself – all small letters when i’m typing fast – which is kind of ridiculous as i would never do it in handwriting – but also i use an ergonomic keyboard at work and just a regular laptop one at home so my fingers get confused and mess up a lot when i’m switching back and forth. so easier if i take capitals out of the mix. 🙂 but yes it’s so ungrammatical and annoying and i hate it when other people do it back to me 🙂 how hypocritical i am!!