I’m Officially Too Accessible

Anyone who knows me knows that I love gadgets, especially the mobile variety. I’m a sucker for anything that makes life a little easier and less cluttered. Today, I officially became too accessible, and it wasn’t by choice. Let’s run down the ways one could get in touch with me before this afternoon:

1) Call me on my mobile phone
2) Email me (which can be received on my T-Mobile Sidekick)
3) IM me (which can also be accessed on my Sidekick)
4) SMS message me to my mobile phone or my Sidekick
5) Call me at home

Before this afternoon that’s how accessible I was. Since my Sidekick doubles as a mobile phone, I usually only carry that with me, but the reception sucks so I will, on ocassion be carrying my mobile phone, my Sidekick and my iPod. That’s a lot of gadgetry to be toting around.

As of today I am the not-so-proud owner of a Blackberry, which allows me to get all of my work email no matter where I am (assuming service is available). Sure, it’s kind of a cool device, but enough is enough! I don’t want to be this accessible. Aside from being too accessible, I have way too many gadgets to carry around with me. I don’t need a fucking mobile phone with a camera on it. I want a single device that’s always on (unless I turn it off), that gets great mobile reception as a phone that I can use for personal and work email that utilizes ONE FUCKING ADDRESS BOOK that will sync to a PC and a Mac. Someone. Please. Build. One.


3 thoughts on “I’m Officially Too Accessible”

  1. soon you’ll need to start carrying a purse… if you don’t carry one already that is…

  2. you crack me up. i definitely think a *man bag* may be in order. i mean you can’t have that many pockets available come summer time. (or maybe it’s already summer where you are. it’s mid winter in new york thanks to the weather gods.)

  3. Okay, confession: There was a point in my life that I carried around a “man bag,” but you know what? It’s almost as bad as a fanny pack…actually, not even close. I suppose “man bags” are socially acceptable (thanks to “Friends”), but I’m not carrying one. To be honest, I don’t wear shorts much in the summer because I work in an office all day. I carry everything in the messenger bag. When I venture out, I usually just take one device with me…You know, I’m getting bored even typing about this. Enough.

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