Incredible. Choked me up.



WFMU’s dial scan of NYC-area radio coverage the night John Lennon was murdered. Haunting and beautiful, even if it was created under the saddest of circumstances.

Truth: I still have an 8-track tape that I hit ‘record’ on when the stereo was tuned to WNEW. I sat up until 3 in the morning. It was not a good day at high school the next day, although people were remarkably nice to me. Cheerleaders came up to me to say, “I feel like I should wish you condolences personally”. I wore all black to school for the first time, and cut all my hair off later that week, getting rid of my perm finally going punk-rock short. I only learned later that that was a Japanese mourning gesture.

It was a heavy, fucked-up week. I remember running a red light and just breaking down in tears because I was just SO UPSET.

I had tickets to see Bruce in Hartford that Friday. I didn’t want to go. My mom – in a move that still shocks me – told me that I should. So I did.

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