It’s pretty often that I’m overcome with a feeling of creativity. I feel like doing something, but I can never quite figure out what it is I should be doing. And maybe there isn’t even a should, but the feeling can result in the cleaning of my desk, manipulating a photo in Photoshop, writing, staring into space or whatever. The main problem is that I never feel satisfied. I never feel like I’m accomplishing much of anything. Sometimes I want to re-design this site or rearrange furniture, but I don’t. I just sit and stare at the screen waiting for that great idea to just hit me. Once it hits me, there’s usually no stopping me. I just wish it would hit.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration?”

  1. I watched Untitled: The Bootleg Cut (love the commentary) a couple nights ago and am absolutely inspired to make a movie (or movies) that I have wanted to make forever. I’m inspired by Cameron and his mom. I’m ready to hit Seattle (or LA) with a video camera and some ideas. I have all these things that sound so amazing in my head, see all these images, just stuff, everything jumbled together…I haven’t done a damn thing about it.

    yet :}

    and it’s a horrible feeling with all that stuff trying to form into something, but I just can’t get it to. yeah…it’s frustrating.

    go hang out in William Miller’s world for a couple hours (oh wait, yr already partly there), maybe something will hit you. :}

    (happy almost 2003)

  2. definitely feel your pain. inspiration can come at the most random moments… the outline for a recent paper came to me in the middle of a Liars freak out

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