Interview with Laura from

I thought it would be cool to interview people that run some of sites we feature on the site. Our first interview is with Laura from

Jeans: Tell me about why you started

Laura: My friends got sick of me rambling about music type things and I needed somewhere to babble and rant. It’s also a place to post my pathetic concert pictures which I enjoy taking but don’t come out all that well.

Jeans: What bands are getting the most play on your stereo right now?

Laura: Honestly? Billy Idol, The White Stripes, Brendan Benson and Ben Kweller. Ben’s album Sha Sha Sha is always in my car.

Jeans: We like honesty. Which Billy Idol album?

Laura: Storytellers mostly. I just saw him live, which was basically the same set.

Jeans: Speaking of music television, do you watch it much?

Laura: Not lately. I used to, but I haven’t in months. Too many commercials, not enough music. MTV2 has turned into MTV so whats the point? I tend to try and check out new videos by my favorite bands, but thats about it.

Jeans: Do you download the videos?

Laura: I do sometimes. I dowloaded “Dead Leaves” and “Wasted and Ready,” but don’t do it all that often.

Jeans: Do you download a lot of music or would you say you buy more?

Laura: I buy more. If anything, I download a song or two just to see if I like an artist or if the CD isn’t available. My dad used to do some copyright law and stuff so we’ve always been big into paying the artist what they deserve. When napster first came out I got in trouble for having it on my computer. He doesn’t care about music downloading anymore though.I’m more likely to buy a record at a show from some small artists than at a big record store, or download a big artist and buy the small artists’ record. I usually end up buying everything I like. I’m a mess of contradictions aren’t I?

Jeans: No. Actually, it’s all kind of refreshing to hear. I think more teenagers buy music than the RIAA would like the public to think.

Laura: Agreed.

Jeans: Do you see a lot of good shows in Detroit?

Laura: I try to. My friends suck and I don’t have many people to go with. I go alone more often now though. Good bands definitely play here.

Jeans: What was the best show you’ve see this year?

Laura: Hmm, thats hard…Ben Kweller put on an amazing show in June, but The White Stripes/Strokes show was great too. Probably any of the 4 White Stripes shows I’ve seen this year.

Jeans: Any good shows coming up that the people of Detroit should not miss?

Laura: Dirtbombs, Von Bondies, and The Detroit Cobras will all be playing between now and November. Clinic and Apples In Stereo are coming soon, as are Liars with Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Jeans: Being a Detroit rocker grrl, what are your feelings on Kid Rock?

Laura: I’m not a huge fan of Kid Rock. He’s pretty trashy, but I hear he puts on a great live show. Definitely trashy, and his whole poor kid thing is crazy. His dad owns a car dealership.

Jeans: Ha! You’ve outed him, blown his cover. What about Mr. Mathers?

Laura: I think his family is messed up. I’m not a huge fan of his music, though I think he actually had a crummy childhood. I dislike the constant insults It’s kind of annoying, but doesn’t hurt my feelings or anything. Honestly though, he sort of amuses me. I can’t help it.

Jeans: I like his albums quite a bit. I think he’s got talent. Clearly though, The White Stripes are your true Detroit love though.

Laura: Well what can I say, I’m a fan. The whole image of the Detroit scene is a funny one though. A lot of the British press paint Detroit into this great romantic city, which it isn’t at all. It makes me laugh.

Jeans: I just think of cars

Laura: We don’t even build many of those anymore, although I don’t really know the numbers.

Jeans: Perhpas you can get back to us with those numbers. Anyway, thanks for your time Laura. Your site rocks.

Laura: Thanks. I need to sleep.