it’s all in the rider

I’m not talking trucks here. I’m talking about the legal document that promoters get from bands that cover what they want, when they want it, how they want it, where they want it and a lot of other senseless things. Think your favorite band/rock star is beyond such nonsense? Think again. What would be included on your rider?

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  1. shayna Avatar

    I can just see Eddie Vedder strolling into the venue with juicer under one arm, suitcase full of strange masks and things in the other.

    you’ve seen The Year Punk Broke, right? looks like Dave is still into those weird cheeses.

    Haagen Dazs (sp?) coffee ice cream, honey nut Cheerios, and maybe some gardenburgers . . . I think that’s what would be on my rider.

  2. brad Avatar

    I guess I should have at least posted something about what would be on my rider. Here’s a start:

    Freshly squeezed orange juice (that I, or one of my people, have to witness being squeezed), Fiji bottled water, a stereo with a CD player, an extra phone line for my computer, six black Calvin Klein boxer briefs, a Slurpee machine and a ferris wheel.