It’s The Best I Can Do For August

I feel like I need to apologize for the amount of stuff I can’t make available. I would be lying through my teeth if I said it didn’t matter. Frankly, I was on the fence about whether to even post something this month, but something is better than nothing, right? Is it any consolation that, were it not for my job, I would make everything available? But you know, if it weren’t for my job, I wouldn’t have heard a lot of this stuff. Enjoy what’s here and hunt around for the others.

01 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club . Six Barrel Shotgun
from the album Take Them On, On Your Own

02 Elbow . Fallen Angel
from the album Cast Of Thousands

03 Ocean Colour Scene . Oh Collector
from the album North Atlantic Drift

04 Longview . Nowhere
from the album Mercury

05 Travis . Re-Offender
from the album 12 Memories

06 Jem . Finally Woken
from the album It All Starts Here

07 The Black Eyed Peas . Hey Mama
from the album Elefunk

08 Outkast . Ghettomusick
from the album Speakerboxxx: Love Below

09 Grandadbob . Killed By Sweets
from the album Waltzes For Weirdoes

10 Chungking . Making Music
from the album We Travel Fast

11 Josh Rouse . Comeback (Light Therapy)
from the album 1972

12 Athlete . Beautiful
from the album One Quiet Night

13 Fountains Of Wayne . Little Red Light
from the album Welcome Interstate Managers

14 Jet . Are You Gonna Be My Girl
from the album Get Born

15 Spiritualized . She Kissed Me (And It Felt Like A Hit)
from the album Amazing Grace

16 The Kills . Hitched
from the album Keep On Your Mean Side

17 British Sea Power . Fear Of Drowning
from the album The Decline Of British Sea Power

18 Rooney . Stay Away
from the album Rooney

19 Paloalto . Breathe In
from the album Heroes And Villians

10 thoughts on “It’s The Best I Can Do For August”

  1. why do I even bother downloading this stuff? all it does is add more cd’s to my list to buy, which is painful to look at because it’ll be years before I can ever make a dent in it…love that Josh Rouse song.

    oh, and you need to fix the album title for The Kills track.

  2. Yeah, I’m *really* sorry to expose you to new stuff. Thanks for your editorial services.

  3. Well, I’m not making another mix in the next few days or anything, so they’ll all be there on Thursday (and for a few weeks after, most likely).

    Travis does indeed have a new album coming out sometime in October, with a single schduled for release at the end of September. Check out the details on their web site.

  4. keep this baby up for a few days – OK – because i won’t be able to download until thursday probably and i NEED to listen to this!!! does travis have a new album out? or is it not out yet? you’re amazing…CMS

  5. i just found this site last month, and I really am enjoying your july and august mixes… thanks for turning me on to some jjams that I definately would not have heard otherwise… I like the singer for Athelete… he seems to have a good sense of humor about himself… keep up the good work jaats… can I submit a song to you for consideration?

  6. rockin comp.. .this is something I always look forward to.. please keep them coming..!!!!

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