Listening To My Own Mixes

Someone emailed me the other day asking me if I just put my monthly mixes together for my site. The answer is no. I have been doing these monthly mixes for a while now and listen to every one of them until they start grossing me out. They are usually the only CDs I have in my car. I don’t listen to full albums (in one sitting) as much as I used to. I dunno if it’s an attention span thing or what. The mixes serve as a musical journal. I go back to old ones all the time, which is pretty fun. I used to design cover art for each one. I even had a few people do the artwork for them. Michael Miller has done my year-end double-disc for the last couple of years. My good friend Shayna did one as well. I’m listening to the new one as I type this. It was completed in the wee hours of this morning. Put it together and enjoy. Happy Rocktober m/

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