Well said, Raymond. My heart goes out to you.


See you two on the other side

When an animal you love dies, there’s little you can do but be sad, hurt, cry. I lost two in the past year and I’ll add numb to the list. Maybe I’m regretful too, for the times I walked by and didn’t pet them or scratch their head. Or the time I cut a walk short so I could get to work. Too easy to think about the moments you took them for granted, figuring they’ve got plenty of days left.

Ultimately, though, hopefully you do your best parenting, guardianship, ownership or whatever you call it. And hope… pray they live a long, healthy and happy life. If you’re lucky, you’ll create many memories with them (never stop taking pics!). And you’ll provide them shelter and belly rubs as needed. And they’ll know that you’re only human, you did your best. And you loved them. It’s pretty simple, really.

pic: Two of my boys, Daddy and Kiko, both passed away this year