Man, this is really awesome. Gorgeous site and lots of nice art.


The coolest thing I found out about at SXSW this year, is 20×200.  20×200 is a well-executed and curated Internet gallery by Jen Bekman that elegantly packages and sells the work they display.  It is just so, SO sexy:

When we first launched, the smallest size was reprinted in the largest batch — an edition of 200 — and sold at the lowest price — $20. … We’ve since gotten a little more creative with our editions and print sizes. While we’ve always offered bigger prints for bolder collectors – 17”x22” editions of 20 for $200, and 30”x40” editions of 2 for $2000, we now also offer something in between – 11”x14” editions of 500 for $50 and 20”x24” editions of 50 for $500. 

Have a look!