Migrating from TinyLetter to Paragraph for newsletters

Way back in the Before Times of 2015, I switched from sending out my annual playlist thing to individual people to using TinyLetter to publish them as a newsletter. Newsletters have come a long way since then and TinyLetter has kind of been frozen in time. This has largely worked for me, but when I attempted to send out this year’s playlist I found that for some reason I could not add links. I’ve been working exclusively on my iPad Pro this week, so that may have had something to do with the trouble.

I saw Sean had migrated his newsletter from TinyLetter to Paragraph recently. I had looked at Paragraph shortly before Sean made the jump and thought what they were doing was a great approach that embraced the decentralized web, focused on empowering creators and offered the ability to store everything on the permaweb. The transition was as simple as copying and pasting once I signed up and imported my subscribers from TinyLetter. I sent out my Selections from 2022 playlist to everyone a few days ago. Paragraph seems like a really nice platform that I’ll be exploring more in the coming year.

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