More Gmail Invites For You

I have 6 more Gmail invites up for grabs just be one of the first 6 people to leave a comment (saying you want one) and I’ll get one to you. Remember, just because it may say there are 6 comments, doesn’t mean they’re all taken.

6 thoughts on “More Gmail Invites For You”

  1. Hi Brad, I suppose I’ll suck it up and ask for a Gmail invite. Your Garden State: Would’ve Should’ve mix is fantastic by the way. I need to get to the movies more…

    Keep on truckin’


  2. but why should i want one? should i? and why, if i do, can’t i just go get one on my own?


  3. i’d love to get one of these. i put my name on the list a while back but i guess google keeps bypassing me for some reason. thanks!

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