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Adaptive Path is pretty much THE company when it comes to Information Architecture (IA). As I’ve been settling into my new job, I’ve been reading more technology-centric stuff. The CEO of Adaptive Path wrote an extremely inspiring (and validating) essay on the future of the Internet.

For five years we’ve been working to refine what we know, and rest a
bit after the madness of the nineties. And now we’re ready to dive in
again — wiser, perhaps, but no less captivated by invention than we
were ten years ago. Sure, everyone is excited by Google Satellite Maps and Yahoo’s acquisition of Flickr, but it goes beyond that.

Catching up and getting back in the game is really exciting. Since I left my last job and consulted for the past year doing Mac stuff, I had a lot of time to think about the future of the Internet and I couldn’t agree more with what Ms. Fraser had to say. These are inspirational times. People that were burned out after the late 90s are starting to appear again. It’s all a big ripple effect and it feels great to be involved again.

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