Bruce SpringsteenKeynote speech at SXSWS Conference, 15 March 2012

If you want to understand why one of the seven choices on tumblr is audio, why we obsess and debate over the features and prices of Spotify and Rdio, why we adore Hype Machine and and Soundcloud and Songkick and Gorilla vs Bear and hundreds of others, why we still talk about D. Boon and pine for the Fugazi reunion (while debating whether we are in favor of the return of Jeff Mangum), why the words “Bleeker Bobs” are seared into the memory of anyone who grew up in NYC, and why this blog is named after a Grateful Dead song about the Rolling Stones, then find a nice sunny place and 51 minutes of your time and close your eyes and listen to this wonderful talk.  It will make you laugh and smile, and go out to buy some records, again and again.