The year was 1996(?) and I was sitting in my home office in Lawrence, Kansas. I had just finished working and I was, of course, in front of my computer with a Connectix QuickCam pointed at me. I’m sure I had a cigarette in my mouth, my hair was platinum blonde and I was videoconferencing on CU-SeeMe with a bunch of online friends. Redboy was one of those friends and we were always talking about music, specifically of the electronic variety. There are a couple of albums I remember us talking about. One of them was Becoming X by Sneaker Pimps. Why am I waxing nostalgic about Sneaker Pimps? I was browsing some MP3 weblogs and found a site that posted "6 Underground," and it triggered a pretty vivid memory. I’m too lazy to paint the picture in its entirety, but it was fun to think about. It even motivated me to go through some of my archives and dig out some screen grabs.