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Fair Use?

The immediate response is “Oh no he didn’t.” But if you know LA trailblazer Rick Klotz’s company, it’s no surprise that he took this approach. This is the same dude that brought you these gems:

The company press release on the “Hope is Fading…” T says the release will be the first without the Freshjive name on it. All part of an anti-re-branding effort for the 20-year-old pioneering label. Wait, that is, unless it’s just a clever ruse to avoid more protests.

As for the above sentiment, is it fair? That depends on where you’re at in the political/Obama spectrum—clearly it’s open to debate. But is its pulse-taking of some of the Obama constituency accurate—is hope fading for some? Of course. Rate your personal hope meter as you wish, but there is no doubt that the past 10 months have made you a little bit nostalgic for the good ol’ days of late 2008.

But hope is a slippery thing. Even Shepard Fairey—the revered artist behind the embellished image above—has fallen a bit from his election era grace. This came on top of another youth-for-Obama architect Yosi Sergant, who was chastised by Glenn Beck (and thrown under a D.C. bus by the Left) for his role in NEAgate.

Without over-examining this instantly controversial T-shirt graphic, are any of you having Kool-Aid drinker’s remorse? Maybe we’re just letting the naysayers (re: Conservatives and bitter Dems) get too much of our psyche? Or are we just smelling the stench of negativity that wafts out over the carcass of unrealistic optimism? For me, the jury is still out and I’m not sure I’d wear this shirt around town quite yet. But I’m getting one anyway. Just in case.

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Rick Klotz speaks on his clothing line (video)