Guided By Voices
“I Am A Scientist”

Bob Pollard sums himself up rather well in this song: “I am a lost soul / I shoot myself with rock and roll / the hole I dig is bottomless / but nothing else can set me free.” The beauty of this footage is that it connects with that thought, and the feeling that you’ve got no choice but to pour yourself into this one thing that you love, because there’s just nothing else in the world for you. That love for rock music and all that it means is so pure, so earnest, in part because it’s so tangled up in that hopelessness and loneliness.

Guided By Voices is just one of those bands that you almost feel blessed to have gotten into and to love. Alien Lanes, especially, is such an incredible practically flawless album to me. And the funny part is I haven’t listened to enough GBV as I should have by now, but that album just destroys me. It makes me realize just how fucking amazing and beautiful a little creativity and simple joy can create something special. Something so long lasting. Gonna listen to it right now.