Our Homophobic President, etc.

I woke up yesterday to President Bush’s press conference, which because it was not totally scripted, made him sound like the complete moron he is. I find it not only terribly offensive that he would be looking into banning gay marriage or civil unions, but it’s just the kind of close-mindedness that I have come to expect from our president. If there’s someone out there that could give me an answer to how a gay marriage or civil union harms you, I would love to hear it.

Apparently our president isn’t hip to what people are watching on television.

In somewhat related news, Israeli parliment passed a measure that would essentially banish any Palestinian that marries an Israeli to “prevent terror attacks.” That’s fucking brilliant. No, really. I have a novel idea…stop fighting. Yeah yeah, I know it seems like a no-brainer, but there is choice, is there not? And don’t someone go mounting their high horse telling me I don’t understand what’s going on there or that there’s some rational reason to keep bombing the shit out of one another. There’s isn’t.

2 thoughts on “Our Homophobic President, etc.”

  1. couldn’t agree more. he’s willing to kill hundreds (possibly thousands), but god forbid someone be in love with someone of the same sex.. suddenly, that’s “morally objectionable”. he disgusts me.

  2. thanks for posting your words, neighbor. the sick pope can pray for himself while he kisses my big fat (gay) white ass. i won’t even go into what dubya said.

    fuckin iiiiiiiidiot.

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