I have a deep appreciation for restaurants that put carpet or some other soft material on the underside of their dining tables. Is that weird?

Flight attendant comes over to my row and says, “Mr. Barrish?” I think to myself, ‘why yes, I will take that First Class seat.’ Only she says, “we have a vegetarian meal for you.” Comfort+ it is…

Just finished recording the first episode of Departed at the PRX Podcast Garage In Boston. Incredible experience all around. So excited to share this with the world. Check out departed.fm to learn more about it.

Over the last couple weeks of 2018 that I had away from work and, to some degree, parenting I determined to focus on scrolling less so I had more space (time) to create and do more. Nearly a month in, I’m giving myself a B grade. I started working on a podcast, the first episode for which I’m recording next week at PRX’s Podcast Garage in Boston while I’m there for work. I started a break from Instagram and deleted the app from my mobile devices shortly thereafter. When I do get the urge to share photos, I share to my microblog via Sunlit. I’ve been writing more often, though haven’t been reading as much as I would like (yet). I’m not taking as many photos as I would like (yet).

I also determined to pay for the things I want to exist in the world. A few things that I’ve happily paid for recently are Sam Harris’ wonderful meditation app called Waking Up, which you can get for half-price through January 31. His podcast is one of the best out there. I also subscribed to Peter Attia, who hosts one of my other favorite podcasts called The Peter Attia Drive. Speaking of podcasts, I subscribed to the absolutely amazing Podcast Notes and Buster Benson’s creative efforts, both through Patreon. Just yesterday I decided to support one of my favorite creators, Craig Mod, through his new Explorers Club.