A Playlist For April

In my ongoing crusade to spread the good word about great bands, here’s a playlist worth listening to. The songs that aren’t available for download are unreleased, but you can probably find them elsewhere. The files will only be available through the end of the month. Enjoy.

01 Longwave . Pool Song
from the album The Strangest Things

02 Cave In . Anchor
from the album Antenna

03 Ikara Colt . Rudd
from the album Chat And Business

04 The Stills . Still In Love Song

05 Phaser . Life And Illusion
from the album Sway

06 Nerami . Uninspired
from the album Nerami

07 The Thorns . Such A Shame

08 Ed Harcourt . All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed
from the album From Every Sphere

09 Turin Brakes . Pain Killer
from the album Ether Songs

10 Ben Harper . When It’s Good
from the album Diamonds On The Inside

11 Weekend Players . Jericho
from the album Pursuit Of Happiness

12 The Notwist . Pick Up The Phone
from the album Neon Golden

13 The Postal Service . We Will Become Silhouettes
from the album Give Up

14 Muggs . Fat City
from the album Dust

15 The Peak Show . Flow – OG

16 The Delgados . All You Need Is Hate
from the album Hate

17 Mull Historical Society . Live Like Automatics
from the album Us

18 Calla . Strangler
from the album Televise

19 The Bens . Just Pretend

20 Tom McRae . Walking To Hawaii
from the album Just Like Blood

They’re Coming To Take You Away

And it ain’t to the funny farm. 4 students have been sued by the RIAA for allegedly hosting between 75,000 and 1 million files. Wow, that’s quite a gap!

[T]he music industry has been slow to adapt to the changing patterns of music consumers, many of whom want their music on an a la carte, or song-by-song basis, as opposed to buying an entire CD.

Slow?! They downright just haven’t adapted. Give the people what they want and they will pay for it. Rumor has it, Apple may be up to something good. In any case, the longer the industry takes to change it’s ways and embrace the Internet as a tool by which to promote bands, the longer people are going to get used to eating for free. Know what I’m sayin?

Mull Historical Society Dates

UK import, Mull Historical Society will be playing a handfull of dates in the US. His latest album, Us is fantastic and should be acquired immediately.

04.21 – Cambridge, MA @ The Bear’s Place
04.22 – Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwells
04.23 – New York, NY @ Fez Under Time Café
04.24 – Philadelphia, PA @ North Star
04.26 – Seattle, WA @ Green Room (early show)
04.28 – San Francisco, CA @Café du Nord
04.29 – Los Angeles, CA @ Largo
04.30 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Knitting Factory

Copyproof Ready To Go?

What’s laughable about the efforts of the labels trying to to curb the piracy of music is that it simply cannot be done. Try as they might, every single copy protection scheme that they have come up with has failed. It’s like I’ve said before, for every technology that they develop, there’s a 12 year-old kid that’s ten steps ahead of them.

Hail To The Thief, Indeed

Several people have emailed me with information regarding a leak of the new Radiohead album to the net. No one seems to be able to confirm if it’s the finished product or not, but it sounds like it to me. Want to give it a listen for yourself? Try combing the forums on ateaseweb.com. And no, I’m not going to post it here or send it to you.

Rock On

In most cases, anyone with the twelve dollars to get in the door can rock. This does not mean just because you feel the frat boy next to you lacks the depth and sensitivity to appreciate Ben Kweller’s tortured soul, or the drunk chick attending with her three identically dressed friends who collectively only know one Ethyline song because it was once on Dawson’s Creek (while naturally you were into Sludgeworth back when you were 15) that they have any less right to be in attendance than you.

From A Brief Catechism of Rock Shows, Part I by Leslie Harpold. [via The Morning News]

R.E.M. Announce North American Tour

I’m not sure what the name of the album is they’ll be supporting on this tour, but judging from the size of the venues, I guess they’re planning on it being a big hit. I’m all for big hits, but why do they have to play the Hollywood Bowl? Why? I’m so not going (unless I’m really close to the front).

09.01 – Bumbershoot Festival , Seattle , WA
09.03 – West Valley Amphitheater , Portland , OR (w/Wilco)
09.06 – Shoreline Amphitheatre , San Francisco , CA (w/Wilco)
09.07 – San Diego Street Scene , San Diego , CA
09.10 – The Hollywood Bowl , Los Angeles , CA (w/Wilco)
09.11 – Thomas and Mack Center , Las Vegas , NV (w/Wilco)
09.13 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre , Denver , CO (w/Wilco)
09.14 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre , Denver , CO (w/Ed Harcourt)
09.16 – Xcel Energy Center , Minneapolis , MN (w/Ed Harcourt)
09.17 – Starlight Theatre Kansas City , MO (w/Ed Harcourt)
09.19 – NextStage at Grand Prarie , Dallas , TX (w/Ed Harcourt)
09.20 – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion , Houston , TX (w/Ed Harcourt)
09.21 – Austin City Limits Music Festival , Austin , TX
09.23 – Lakefront Arena , New Orleans , LA (w/Sparklehorse)
09.24 – Oak Mountain Amphitheater , Birmingham , AL (w/Sparklehorse)
09.26 – United Center , Chicago , IL (w/Sparklehorse)
09.27 – Blossom Music Centers , Cleveland , OH (w/Sparklehorse)
09.28 – Palace of Auburn Hills , Detroit , MI (w/Sparklehorse)
09.30 – Air Canada Centre , Toronto , ON (w/Sparklehorse)
10.01 – Mann Center for the Performing Arts Philadelphia , PA
10.03 – Liberty Park , New York , NY
10.04 – Liberty Park , New York , NY (w/Sparklehorse)
10.05 – Tweeter Center , Boston , MA
10.08 – MCI Center , Washington , DC
10.09 – Dean E. Smith Center , Chapel Hill , NC
10.11 – Philips Arena , Atlanta , GA

Watch The Man Sing

Joey, lead singer of Wild Gift, will be playing a solo acoustic (?) show at Molly Malone’s – 575 S. Fairfax Ave tomorow night, March 26 at 8:30pm. $5 will get you in to see what will be a very special evening. And no, this doesn’t mean Wild Gift is breaking up. As a matter of fact they’ve been working on some recordings lately.