Kings I Can’t Wait For

I usually don’t like to repurpose news from other sites unless it’s something I think you should all know about. That said, NME is reporting that Kings Of Leon, one of the best bands to come along in the last year, have finished recording their full-length with Ethan Johns. The album is supposed to be out sometime in July.

Grohl Gets Behind Another Kit

According to this Billboard article, Dave Grohl will be gracing the new Killing Joke album, tentatively titled Axis Of Evil. Hey, if Dave can bring the guys out of retirement, I’m all for it. I just feel sorry as hell for the guy that has to replace him once Killing Joke hits the road, though Queens seemed to do just fine. *shrug*

About Last Night

I know I’m getting old when I’m real happy to hear about a show starting at 7:30, which means I’ll be out of the club by 9:30 or 10. A friend passed along a ticket for the MTV/CMJ Advance Warning Tour at The Troubadour last night. To be totally honest, I didn’t even know it was some kind of special “Tour” thing. I just heard Longwave was playing and that was reason enough for me to venture out to see some music. They played an amazing set and seem to be really big fans of loud feedback. Good thing I brought ear plugs.

Before they took the stage, I was lucky enough to catch White Light Motorcade, who totally rocked. Coincidentally, I was listening to some music for work earlier in the afternoon and they happened to be on a compilation. Some things are just meant to be, while other things like seeing The Ravonettes and The Mooney Suzuki are not. The Ravonettes just suck, even if the girl plays pretty guitars and looks good. The Mooney Suzuki put on an entertaining show, but frankly the novelty wore off after the first time I saw them.