No More Apologies

So, as it turns out this thing has come full-circle. When I started Jeans And A T-Shirt, it was because I wanted to separate the personal stuff from the music stuff. I had all these ideas that Jeans And A T-Shirt was going to be this fantastic online music magazine (that also had some other commentary). I guess that’s what it was, but instead of just shutting it down, I’ve changed it back to its original incarnation. Mixing the music with the personal seems like the right thing to do. Frankly, it will be more personal than what you are used to. I’m still working on things, so enjoy some stuff you may have never read before and visit often (or not). Thanks to everyone for the support and words of encouragement. The guest list will be back up soon. I need to get some rest and stuff. Peace be with you all.

Postal Service

They’ve announced a tour to support their exceptional debut album, Give Up. Here are the dates:

04.04 San Diego, CA @ The Casbah
04.05 Tucson, AZ @ Solar Culture
04.07 Austin TX @ The Mercury
04.08 Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Tea Room
04.09 Fayetteville, AR @ JR’s Lightbulb Club
04.10 St. Louis, MO @ Rocket Bar
04.11 Nashville, TN @ Slow Bar
04.12 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
04.13 Orlando, FL @ The Social
04.14 Carrboro, NC @ Go! Rehearsal
04.15 Washington, DC @ Black Cat
04.17 Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar
04.18 Brooklyn, NY @ Northsix
04.19 New York NY @ Bowery Ballroom
04.20 Cambridge MA @ Middle East
04.22 Detroit MI @ Magic Stick
04.23 Chicago IL @ Abbey Pub
04.24 Milwaukee, WI @ Wehr Hall
04.25 Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry
04.26 Omaha, NE @ Sokol Underground
04.27 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
04.28 Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
05.01 Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Cafe
05.02 Portland, OR @ The Blackbird
05.03 Los Gatos, CA @ Los Gatos Outhouse
05.04 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
05.05 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo

A New Day

It was the wind that I heard blowing tonight that brought you back to me. It was your breathing, giving me the signal that you were safe, watching over me. Just as soon as the wind picked up, the rain began to fall, echoing in the gutter, splashing on the cement. Tonight I will chant to your rhythm and fall into a deep slumber, only to wake to a magnificent new day.

Goodbye Holly

September 10, 1997 – March 12, 2003

Holly had been suffering from stomach cancer, or so it had been thought, for the past several months. I made a promise to her (and myself) that I would not have surgery performed to determine with 100% certainty that she had cancer (or have her undergo chemotherapy). A simple biopsy procedure was performed and pathologists determined that there was a very good chance she had cancer. That was enough information for me. She also suffered from acute inflammatory bowel disease, which was treated with steroids. She started declining rapidly from the time of her diagnosis and then plateaued for a few months, much to the surprise of the vet and myself.

Over the course of her illness, I gave a lot of thought to death. It has been one of the toughest emotional experiences I have ever had to endure. I vowed that I would not wait until she was in pain. She had been eating less and losing even more weight over the last few weeks. Over those weeks I contemplated putting her to sleep and finally decided the time had come. This morning at approximately 10:30am Holly was euthanized out of love and respect. I am confident that whatever pain she was experiencing (if any) is now gone and her spirit has moved on. Needless to say, I will miss her terribly.

Holly was born in The-Middle-Of-Nowhere, Kansas on September 10, 1997. I picked her up on Halloween of that same year and brought her home to my house in Lawrence, Kansas where she would live until February 1998. It was then that she got into the car and accompanied me to Los Angeles, where she would live out the rest of her short life.

Peace be with you, wherever you are, Holly. I love you.

The Top Three Answers to ‘Who Could You Take In A Fight?’

In the Nov. 5th edition of The Onion, their A.V. Club feature was pretty damn good. They went around and asked a bunch of people, “Who could you take in a fight?” Of course David Sedaris was the best one of them all, but here are my other two favorites:

David Sedaris – Humorist
The Onion: Who could you take in a fight?
David Sedaris: I bet I could take…I could take that kid who was in The Sixth Sense. What was his name?
O: Haley Joel Osment.
DS: Yeah. [Laughs] I could just beat the shit out of him

Trey Parker and Matt Stone – Creators of South Park
The Onion: Who could you take in a fight?
Trey Parker: I could take a lot of people. I could take Prince. He’s a little bitch, although he is God. I could definitely take anyone in this room. We just met a guy who does ad sales for Comedy Central, and we just got in a big fight with him. He was like, “Hey buddy!” and we wouldn’t even stand up – like, “Yeah, fuck you.” We were such dicks to him. It was pretty sweet. He’s a big guy, but he’d go down like a bitch for sure.
O: Ad sales guys can fight. They have to get out among the people…
TP: They’re used to yelling at people.
Matt Stone: They can phone-fight.
TP: Yeah, they can phone-fight. They can puss-fight, but a brick fight, uh uh. They ain’t winning a brick fight.

Rick James – Singer, songwriter, showman and producer
The Onion: Who could you take in a fight?
Rick James: [Laughs] I think I’d whoop Jermaine Jackson’s ass. And I think even with a sock, I could knock Eddie Murphy out. And Michael Jackson.

Michael Music

I’ve been spending most of my time listening to music I don’t really care a whole lot for. That’s part of my job. It’s so refreshing to come home and just put on some Michael Miller. You probably have heard me rave about him already, but I can’t say enough good things about When We Come To. The good/bad thing is that you can’t just put it on and let it play in the background. It gets to you. You want to actually listen. The words just go right to your brain. He’s telling stories and the pretty music that plays along is just icing. Joel even had some nice things to say about him on the WiLD GiFT site. They played a show together earlier in the month. They have another one coming up on Saturday. I may have to trek down to Santa Ana to see the show.

Intelligent Speak: The Grammys

b: Did you see the Joe Strummer tribute?

m: Si – one of the ONLY musical stints that worked on the grammys, most were very weak. um, does bruce springsteen know what his face looks like while performing?

b: lol – It’s the face of a man in need of a laxative.

m: I was taken aback, kinda like a car wreck with that.

b: The performance was pretty awesome. I got a little choked up. They TOTALLY pulled it off. I could have done without the Soprano dude though. I always forget his name. He bugs the shit outta me. Dude is SO ugly. I don’t care how well he plays guitar.

m: agreed, like i said most musical numbers tanked and that one rose to the occasion – Soprano?

b: And his breath probably stinks. every time I see him share the mic with Bruce, or in that case Dave, that’s all I can think about.

m: Ah…Steve Van Zant…

b: Yes, him. Ugh.

m: Yeah, creepy.

b: And with the fucking babooshka…

m: I thought of his breath when he was singing with Bruce’s wife. I don’t imagine Elvis Costello has gorgeous breath either.

b: He really creeps me out for some reason, and who cares about Elvis’s breath? It’s Elvis Fucking Costello.

m: Steve Van Zant seems like the obnoxious guy in the house – like he’d be a nightmare at a party.


m: Did you see that gay gay gay nelly number? MORT!

b: No.

m: It stank. So bad.

b: I saw the first hour and the Joe Strummer thing and that’s it.

m: The whole thing was a trip. Dustin Hoffman shoulda been axed, and that Dixie Chicks singer had eye make-up like she was going to Florentine Gardens with her West Covina homegirls as she sang some sweet, down-played hippy song – there were many moments of sheer perversity. The grammys kinda get suckier and suckier – their shite is all over the place, categorically speaking.

b: It blows.