Paul Westerberg Releases 7-Inch as Mr. F

I bought this despite the whole Nimbit thing. 


Per a news update on Man Without Ties (via Slicing Up Eyeballs), former Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg’s latest self-release, a 7-inch vinyl record featuring new songs “This Machine” and “Foolish Hand Shake” with a bonus digital download of “Grandpaboy’s Last Stand,” is available to order now at Nimbit Music. While the origin of Westerberg’s latest moniker, Mr. F., is unclear (Arrested Development? The Letter People?), this 3-song effort might only be a teaser for more upcoming Mr. F releases, as the cover art below cryptically reveals that something called “Son of a Depression” is on the way, as well.

Supplies are limited and only one copy per person is allowed, so, if interested, order the 7-inch for $8 + shipping thataway before they’re gone.

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