Paul Westerberg Signs Deal w/ Bug Music for Replacements, Solo Catalog

Congrats to Bug Music! As a Mats fan, I’m excited about what this might mean as far as being able to enjoy more music.


Replacements songs might start popping up in commercials and movies a lot more, as former frontman Paul Westerberg has signed a deal for all of his solo, future, and Replacements catalog to be handled by music publishing giant Bug Music.

(Perhaps he and former foe/fellow Bug Music partner Ryan Adams will bury the hatchet at this year’s office Christmas party.)

A business move like this doesn’t really mean Westerberg has made any big immediate plans or licensing deals (Can’t Hardly Wait 2?), but it should free up a bit of his time to work on new projects. At least that’s what I gathered from his droll statement on the deal (via Slicing Up Eyeballs):

To be a musician, performer, and songwriter is a juggling act. Throw in the bowling ball of publisher and it becomes downright work. The good people at Bug Music — I hear only of their imagination and proficiency — have stepped in to facilitate with Dry Wood, Elegant Mule and Nah Music, leaving me free to augment my juggling feat with the flaming chain saw of snooker.