Put network attached storage and a pop-up web server in every home and watch existing monolithic structures be eroded. With personal gigabit connections, terabytes of our own to serve from, end-to-end encryption, and peer-to-peer implemented at a fundamental level, our communications will cease to be reliant on anything except critical infrastructure — and even that, in time, will be obsoleted. It’ll take time to nail down the right protocols, plug gaps, and expand compatibility, but the important thing is to get it out there. Like Bittorrent, the cat won’t be put back in the bag. It’s taken ten years for torrents to become a household word, but at the rate services and agencies are accidental tipping their cards, it may not be as long a road to get people in touch with their inner cryptographer. Make it as easy to install as BonziBuddy and you’ll start something that won’t be easily stopped.