Queens of 2002

The moment that “Millionaire” kicked in, my mind was blown. Everyone in the immediate vicinity was gawking at the asshole (me) playing music at an obnoxious volume. What they didn’t understand was that I was listening to the best album of 2002. The race is over. Nothing is going to touch Songs For The Deaf. This album is masterful, loud and most of all, it rocks harder than anything that’s been released in recent memory. You can argue with me all you want, but I’m just going to turn it up and drown your worthless opinion out.

How am I supposed to convey exactly how astonishing this album is? I can’t. As I sit hear and write this with Queens Of The Stone Age encompassing every bit of my sonic space, I am literally at a loss for words. I could make some feeble attempt to dissect the instrumentation and tell you that everything sounds just right, but you need to listen to this album.

Aside from Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri (the constant members), the skills of Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan help to make this album nothing short of incredible. Dave hits with such force and love, you’d think he’d been saving up his wad for this record (oh right, he does have that other band). And Mark Lanegan…well, no one can come close to the spooky, nearly sub-sonic quality that is his signature.

I must confess that I’ve had this album in one form or another for several months. Since the day it was handed to me, I have listened to it several times a week, sometimes all day. I didn’t expect to be so blown away by the final version, but I am. And honestly, I won’t name bands or albums, but there’s only been one other band I have felt so passionately about. My hunch is that Queens Of The Stone Age will change music. If they don’t, well, then they will continue to make some of the most towering music in rock. And I do mean R O C K.

[Note: Get the album ASAP. The limited-edition DVD that comes with the album has some amazing live footage, especially from the Troubadour show they played earlier this year. Also, put the CD in your computer and it doesn’t work, that’s because you have a copy protected version of it. It seems that Interscope/Universal are trying out some new technology to keep people from ripping the album. If you end up with one of these albums, promptly return it and say it’s defective. Fuck Interscope and fuck Universal. How dare they.]

8 thoughts on “Queens of 2002”

  1. I actually didn’t take my camera for once. It wouldn’t have been much use if I did because I had a difficult view. I was near the stage but had to “stay inside the blue line” by the aisle, and pretty much stood on my tippy toes (!) when I could. still, I think I had a better view than most of the people there, so I was lucky.

    all that to say…no photos.

    tho, I definitely had a good time. now I really have to see them in concert for real.

  2. holy fucking hell…I could not agree with you more. I wasn’t going to get this album yet because I bought a cd last week, and I have to be very careful about how much money I spend on stuff that’s not food or art supplies. BUT… I squeezed my way into Amoeba this evening to see them…was completely blown away, and decided I couldn’t go another day without that album. I have been listening to it all night. non-stop.

    I should be getting sleep right now, but I seriously cannot stop listening to this album. No One Knows will undoubtedly be running through my head for the next week or so, as it’s one of the most catchy and brilliant songs I’ve heard in way too long. and I could go on and on (and on) about all the rest. but you’re right, Brad…this is better heard, not discussed.

    Somehow, with Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan both working on this record, it feels all the more special. It was amazing seeing Mark Lanegan up on stage with them tonight. took it to a whole other level.

    I could keep on gushing about QOTSA right now, but I suppose I should stop. I’m just glad my copy is actually playable in my computer, but I didn’t get the DVD.

    amazing. just amazing.


  3. You’re lucky to have gotten into the in-store from what I heard. I went to Book Soup to see Charles Cross, only to find out he cancelled. I could have been at Amoeba! ASSHOLE!

    I hope you had a good time for both of us. Did you take any photos you would like to share with the class?

  4. oh, and you can defeat that copy protection with a sharpie around the outer edge of the disc. *yawn*

  5. In enssence, Brad, your persuasion is an abomination. I wake, grab coffee and a bagel, sit at this shitty PC, and read your note saying (Ignore new Coldplay album, buy QoSA).

    Sick, I do just that, Coldplay album included.

    I also bought Sparta’s new album, kickass, and finally invested in Ed Harcourt’s album, HBM.

    All good, I’m working, and therefore I can again afford music. Praise the dollar!

    –JD Stone

  6. Yeah, the sharpie does work. I just figured that’s common knowledge now, but I’ll place a link to the article that explains it.

    JD – You’ve been very silent lately. I figured you were dead or something. Glad to know you are listening to good music. You will most certainly go to heaven for it, even if it is the devil’s music.

  7. Pardon the silence, I’ve been too lazy to config. my IBook for internet dial-up, and therefore, sporadically surfing and blogging about. Once I get in gear, and get a regular schedule at work, I’ll be back ranting as ususal.


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