Radiohead and Fans Team Up for Free Live Film

I’ll be ripping the audio from this 🙂


Just as a studious group of Nine Inch Nails fans (“This One Is On Us”) did with the last show on NIN’s “Lights In The Sky” tour, a team of over 4 dozen Radiohead fans have carefully edited a slew of live footage from the band’s set in Prague last August to produce a free, multi-format concert film, dubbed Radiohead: Live in Praha. Though a pro-edited, fan-shot live show is certainly noteworthy on its own, the best part was revealed modestly below the setlist on their official download site: “Audio masters kindly provided by the band.” (!)

Ever since SKoA pointed us to the page this morning, it’s been crawling as eager fans devour that sweet, sweet bandwidth, so bookmark the page now for when things pick up over there and enjoy the entire film on YouTube or a few choice clips below:

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