Random Stuff (The Geek Edition)

A. and J. are growing tired of the mix that I did for the store. It’s 325 songs, but they have been listening to it every day for 6 weeks, so I guess I understand. I’m in the process of doing another mix, or at the very least switching some stuff out for new stuff. I have so many CDs that are not ripped into iTunes, so I’m going through the piles. It’s not an easy task, considering there are still probably 800 – 1000 CDs still in boxes. I really just need to go through all of my CDs and slim the “collection” down.

While I was ripping CDs, my computer kept crashing. I couldn’t really figure out why until I started up a temperature monitor (that’s with the lid open – with the lid closed it was 10 degrees warmer!). I usually run my PowerBook in clamshell mode (the lid closed) with my external Cinema Display, but apparently that doesn’t allow for enough air flow. I can’t even handle the underside of my PowerBook because it’s so hot. It’s ridiculous how hot these things get. I did a little research and came up with this:

The actual CPU temp – which depending on the model can be way off as determined by software – is always going to be over 100F. Sometimes as high as 160F. Much higher and you are looking as possible kernel panics, freezes and crashes. Above 180F and you are looking at processor death unless they have other thermal protections built in.

I purchased an AirPort Express not too long ago, mainly to pipe iTunes into my bedroom when I’m going to sleep, but it sure is handy when I go to a client that doesn’t have a wireless connection.

I haven’t purchased a PC yet, but thanks to all of the kind geeks I now have a solution for sharing the Cinema Display, keyboard and mouse between the two.

In the last few months I have received calls from friends with failed hard drives. Of course most people never back anything up and they are always kind of shocked when their hard drives fail, which they all do eventually. If you don’t back up your data at least once a week you’re really asking for it. I learned the hard way a long time ago.

I’m boring myself to tears now.

3 thoughts on “Random Stuff (The Geek Edition)”

  1. brad – i’m intrigued by the airport express piping music into your bedroom comment. how are you doing this? do you have two airport expresses? and how do you time it to go off – i want music while i’m falling asleep but once i’m asleep i can’t have it on or it will wake me up.

  2. The AirPort Express is plugged in to an outlet in my bedroom next to my stereo. I run a cable from the AEX to my stereo. With AirTunes, which comes with the device, you can control what music gets played. There are add-ons that you can download that will put a sleep mechanism on iTunes so it will allow you to set a period of time to play the music. I just play the music while I am asleep. I don’t have trouble sleeping through it ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out the link to the page on the Apple site in the post and it will probably explain it a little better.

  3. yeah, i’ve got an AEX already, but my issue is proximity. as it is i’m going to have to run cable under a carpet to hook the AEX up to the stereo, and my computer isn’t in my bedroom or anywhere near it, so i’d have to get a second AEX to have speakers in there… and the place just isn’t *that* big.

    but thanks for the tip that there’s an itunes plugin out there that will let me set a sleep timer ๐Ÿ™‚

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