Ray LaMontagne Coming To LA

It looks like Ray will finally be making it to LA to play one night at the Hotel Cafe. Ugh, that’s gonna be a nightmare. I hope he schedules another date or two while he’s here. Thanks to Shayna for alerting me.

UPDATE: He will be playing two shows – August 11 & 16 (Thanks again Shayna)

2 thoughts on “Ray LaMontagne Coming To LA”

  1. look again. he’s playing two nights there. 11th and 16th. those are gonna be some stuffy shows. and in the middle of august…

    yeah, I “alerted” you about as actively as his mailing list did. sorry ’bout that…

  2. I can’t fucking read. I somehow didn’t get the mailing list email. They are going to be very stuffy shows. People are gonna start lining up at 5pm to get a good place. I hope Ethan Johns plays with him. Chances are good, I would say.

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