Readying The Next Album

Ever wonder what it’s like when AC/DC gets together to talk about the next album?

Angus: Okay, moving along. Brian, you’re shared only one idea.

Brian: Well, I wanted to give the other guys a chance, to cultivate diversity of opinion.

Angus: Certainly, but we’re on a schedule.

Brian: All right. “Depth Charge,” “Rocket Launcher,” “Smell of Love,” and “Eat My Fist.”

Cliff: I’d say we have an album, gentlemen. I move that we accept this slate of titles for our next album.

Brian: I second the motion.

Malcolm: All in favor?

All: Aye.

[NOTE: Exerpted without any permission whatsoever. If the link doesn’t work, try the McSweeney’s Archives.]

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