Request For Temporary Server Space

This is probably going to be a long shot, but is there anyone out there with some server space and some bandwidth to spare? I would love to offer up my 2-CD year-end mix to people on the internets, but don’t have the resources to do so. Big ups to Kathie and Carolyn!

3 thoughts on “Request For Temporary Server Space”

  1. I have a .mac account that i rarely use. it has about 100 mb’s left. you can use some of that space. the only thing is that it expires in 2 weeks. also, i just switched to a new host and won’t be using any of those 200 mb’s any time soon. (:

  2. Hey Kathie. The new host might work well. Your .Mac account probably will not. Both discs clock in at around 152 MB and that’s with decent compression. Check with your hosting company about how much bandwidth they give you per month as well. I don’t want to eat all of it and leave you with nothing for the month. At the very least, we can give it a try. Send me an email and we’ll work it out. Mighty kind of you to offer!

  3. let me know if that deal doesn’t work. i’m sure i have a lot of xtra space at the secondary site (duffdoeschicago)… at least that’s what i think. of course in reality i have no clue whatsoever re: how much bandwidth i have so you’d have to help me figure out that part first…

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