Rock N Roll

On a recent trip to Virgin Megastore I purchased The Very Best of The Doors. I have all of their studio albums and even a double live album that was released some years back. Why on Earth do I need The Very Best of The Doors? Well, it’s Digitally Remastered. All of their albums have been Digitally Remastered as it turns out, which means I’ll have to trade all of my old crappy-sounding CDs in for the Digitally Remastered ones.

Of course this all begs the question, what difference does it make? Simply put, it sounds better. That of course brings up another question…Could “Break On Through (To The Other Side),” “Light My Fire,” “L.A. Woman” and all of the other “Very Best” songs sound any better than they did the first time around? Yes. The answer is undoubtedly, unquestionably, yes.

A lot of people hate The Doors. To many Jim Morrison was nothing but a drunk who wrote a couple of good songs, fancied himself a poet and was totally full of himself. Jim Morrison is Rock ‘N’ Roll. Listen to him scream and wail on “Backdoor Man” and tell me you don’t hear it. I don’t go around calling just anyone Rock ‘N’ Roll. It’s an adjective that is not to be thrown around.

Yeah, it’s all relative, but there are just some people and groups of people in music that move me to such extreme emotions. They make me want to do things. The Doors? They make me want to drink, smoke, and fuck. They embody what Rock ‘N’ Roll was, is and forever shall be. Sex, drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll just go together. That’s not to say they can’t be enjoyed individually or that they all must be enjoyed together. Listening to The Doors just makes me want to do it all and not think about the consequences. There aren’t many that I can say that about. Who is Rock ‘N’ Roll to you?