I was talking to a couple of people today about music. Go figure. It’s come up, especially in the last few days (since I went to the Bridge School Benefit, which was incredible). It’s no secret that I’m a music geek. I was emailing back and forth with Dennis and I said that if you took William from Almost Famous and Rob from High Fidelity and you’d have a pretty good idea of who I am, speaking only of the surface of course. Music is my life. It’s what marks nearly every moment. I can’t live without it. I listen to music every possible waking moment and go to bed listening to it as well. It’s a very consuming thing for me.

I go see a lot of live music and I have a staggering music collection. I keep a monthly music journal that I put together with such a painstaking amount of energy, that most people would think I’m nuts, which may very well be the case. I kind of lost track of my original point, but my name is Brad and I’m a rockaholic.

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  1. Tina Avatar

    BRAD! I thought you’d died or something.


    either way, glad you’ve returned.

  2. audrey Avatar

    You’re way worse than i am, and i love it… keep rocking!!

  3. Evelyn Avatar

    I visited this website now for the first time and I liked it a lot, it¥s really minimalistic and original.
    I was looking for pictures of Mark Lanegan, that’s why I got here..
    Evelyn, dutch/mexican

  4. Peter Avatar

    I feel your pain brutha
    Tho I would add that a ton of people (especially those with blogs) talk about how they identify with those characters so much, and how music is their sole purpose in life… I think a lot of people label such things mistakenly and don’t know enough about themselves to say anything more.
    But I would have to agree, music seems like a huge part of your life, judging from your sweetacular websites
    this is a long comment
    I can’t listen to music every waking moment. i’ve tried, but i could never manage to conveniently listen to my walkman [mini disc, nonetheless] in school or public. plus i think it’s hard to enjoy music fully when you listen to it in the background like that or something

  5. Brad Avatar

    Tina – Yeah, sorry about that. I haven’t been keeping up with my personal site as much as Jeans. It’s not for lack of something to say, but a guy needs to sleep and get away from the compyter every so often. Nice of you to take notice and be concerned 🙂

  6. Brad Avatar

    Evelyn – You can look at the archives on for those pics, I think. If not, I know that has my photos posted. Let me know if you can’t find them and I’d be more than happy to post them.

  7. Brad Avatar

    Peter – Sweetacular is a great word! You should send that one to Webster’s or something. Anyway, thanks for the kind words. I totally appreciate it.

  8. rob Avatar

    i am also a rockaholic, but what a way to go!

  9. carolyn Avatar

    yeah. i was a rockaholic. i guess you could say i still am. dude, how did i even get on this website? i was lookin for alaska pictures and all of a sudden bam. who is brad barrish? and have you checked out ani difranco? her music (especially guitar) is beyond cool. made her own record label at 19. 19 albums as of late. damn, now thats rockaholic…