Save LA Music

LA Weekly posts their bets on the bands that will save the scene. I don’t know any of them. I should probably take advantage of this unemployment thing and check some of them out.

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    apparently I’m stealing yr comments sections..

    I’ve always been a little annoyed by The Like, but their drummer is actually pretty good. I think I was one of the first people to recognize them on the street. it was at that in-store with The Hives a couple ears [yes, ears] ago. they were in front of me in the line and I said hey to them, they were all excited that someone recognized them as a band. that was kinda cool. and there’s your completely random, totally unneccesary story for the day…

  2. ich heisse kathie Avatar
    ich heisse kathie

    i’ve been growing fonder of the LA music scene. i’m surprised that my favorite, Pablo Brazil, wasn’t mentioned. The Like annoy me as well, they’re kinda like Rilo Kiley but with not as good lyrics and more, well annoying.

  3. re Avatar

    What’s particularly disgusting is how bands such as The Like ride to success with only mediocre talent and tons of “deep bros” (connections) in the music scene, the supposed “kinship” being based on the best opportunities for mutual exploitation. And no one seems to want to point this out. (Because it might hurt their own chances to be connected.) But whatever. It’s L.A., right?