School of Rock Kids Cover Radiohead’s “These Are My Twisted Words” [Video]


Haven’t decided if this video is worth hyping as a “great Radiohead cover!” just yet, but you have to give these kids props for the brilliant song choice at least. Whereas lots of bands have taken on the daunting task of channeling Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood’s inimitable chemistry—many opting to crank out the hits, like “Creep,” “Karma Police,” or (probably the safest bet) “Exit Music (For a Film)”—this group of five students from the Paul Green School Of Rock went instead with this year’s leaked/released track “These Are My Twisted Words.”

I’m going to give the drummer an A- for effort, the guitarist an A for looking genuinely detached while providing spot-on atmospherics, and the vocalist an A+ (wow, I’m an easy grader) for nailing Thom Yorke’s vocal range. Perhaps female singers are the only ones capable of pulling off a non-shrill Yorke impression. That is unless Jimmy Fallon wants to give it a go.

Watch the School of Rock’s “These Are My Twisted Words” cover below or download the original here.

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