seriously (cont.)



Wow, hate much, Maura? I said a while ago (wish I could find the tweet) that if I were going to pick one music blog to add to my rss feed, it would be artistpaid. I still stand by it. Show me another place that talks about the future of music more without the whining along with photos of Dylan, Bowie and, just this morning, the view from the Dow Jones Box at KOL last night. There’s a big difference between calling people out and whining. While most are talking about how the music business is going to die, artistpaid is talking more about how it’s going to be re-born. I’m not usually one to jump to the defense of a tumblelog, but I’ve got a little extra time on my hands.

Hi Brad! I remember you saying this actually. That Weezer post set me off because a) it was reblogged without any sort of context, which b) implied an endorsement of the OP’s opinion/sniping even though “recommendation engines” are supposedly what’s going to save music. And also c) the OP was definitely whining more than he was “calling people out” (I mean, the post in question used LOLcat speak!). I have friends who work at that site, so I’m sort of biased, but honestly, what is the point of blaming an independent music site for trying to make the best of the hand it’s been dealt by various major labels’ licensing departments? Or saying “this cheap music isn’t the cheap music I want, therefore everything about the site it is from sucks and is worthy of ridicule?”

I’m all for aggregating the way that people think and feel about music, but time and time again when I read the posts that are picked for reblogging I wish that there was more context being given instead of just “here is another opinion on music that reflects the mostly white, well-educated, wellish-off, tech-savvy Tumblr demographic.” And really, instead of just blaming eMusic for its lack of content from certain labels maybe there could be some sort of context given as to why that’s the case? The implied “huh huh yeah dude” back-slappery that the reblog-sans-comment gives doesn’t really solve much or imply any ideas as far as rebirthing of the business goes to these ears; it just sounds like someone being applauded for getting petulant.

Here’s where I wish I had Disqus installed. Note to self.

I totally get what you’re saying about context, and I’m a firm believer that context is king. But in the aggregate, and for anyone who reads artistpaid, it’s all in the spirit of improving the experience – whether that be the experience of listening to, purchasing, reading out, coding software or in the case of eMusic (hey, I pay them $20/month!), linking to someone calling them out on something that was a little lame, for those of us who know better. Does an eMusic Subscriber need to know the real reason why they don’t have Weezer? Nope. And that’s not really the point, is it? The OP could have said something constructive instead, but I just thought your claws-out, knee-jerk, over-reaction to the site as a whole was harsh. In this world of people talking about what’s going on with digital music and where the business is headed, there aren’t many trying to move the conversation forward and push people to think. Snark is bound to leak through the cracks, right? And BTW, the Tumblr user base is most likely well-educated, wellish-off and certainly tech-savvy. We may hate to admit it, but chances are good that’s going to be the demographic to fix the business.