what is the point of artistspaid? because it seems more and more like it should be called ‘entitledfanboyspaidinfreemusic’ with each passing day. if all you’re going to do is aggregate a bunch of first-world-problem whining about how so-called “real fans” can’t get all the music they want without expending any effort, at least try and synthesize the information you’re putting together. or better yet, find out why that might be the case, instead of just whining! it’s worse than digg, for real.

Wow, hate much, Maura? I said a while ago (wish I could find the tweet) that if I were going to pick one music blog to add to my rss feed, it would be artistpaid. I still stand by it. Show me another place that talks about the future of music more without the whining along with photos of Dylan, Bowie and, just this morning, the view from the Dow Jones Box at KOL last night. There’s a big difference between calling people out and whining. While most are talking about how the music business is going to die, artistpaid is talking more about how it’s going to be re-born. I’m not usually one to jump to the defense of a tumblelog, but I’ve got a little extra time on my hands.