4 thoughts on “South Park Me”

  1. Two Words, and more:

    Crank Yankers and TiVo are the saviors of hilarious television, period. I haven’t laughed so hard since the first season of South Park or the last time the Muppet Show was on the air. Oh, and assorted moments from Fraggle Rock and the odd Sesame Street flashback while eating cookies and milk.

    Crank Yankers: Sunday 10:30pm, Comedy Central…be there!

    –JD Stone, long live puppets!

  2. TiVo is, hands-down, the best invention since sliced bread. I have no idea how I was living without it. Shame on you, JD, for duping us all into thinking you were a man who hates television. You poseur.

  3. Duped or Doping?:

    I never duped anyone with my television comments. But when one has friends in the city and one lives at home, one tends to watch whatever the friends are watching when escaping from home. I don’t try and watch TV when I’m at home, but during the day it gets a bit slow on the Net and I need an MTV2 fix. Poseur, I think not. I absorb TV in a different way these days due to my college experience in a School of Communication. They teach you really nasty things there concerning television. I don’t own a TiVo, maybe never will, but I saw it used for the first time the other day and I flipped. Now, if I ever do acquire a TiVo I will rejoice and tell everyone how much I LOVE TV now that I don’t have to watch what it’s really used for. As for now I’m sticking to my usual habits and flipping channels like a bastard to stay away from any constant programming. The comment on Crank Yankers came from seeing it over a friend’s house and getting hooked. I’m not defending my contradictory comments about my TV habits here, but I’m doing my best to sound like an overreacting idiot. Point Taken!

    –JD Stone

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