Stewart On O’Reilly

I read the transcript on Wonkette last week, but random($foo), to whom I don’t usually look for anything political, posted a link to the video.

UPDATE: A few hours after I originally posted, I came across this article. Seems that Comedy Central was none too happy about their Daily Show audience being portrayed as a bunch of “stoned slackers” by Bill O’Reilly. No surprise here:

Viewers of Jon Stewart’s show are more likely to have completed four years of college than people who watch “The O’Reilly Factor,” according to Nielsen Media Research.

And then there’s this gem:

Comedy Central had no statistics on how many people watch “The Daily Show” stoned.

[Note to Mac users: The video is an AVI file, which will not play on QuickTime. If you don’t already have it, make sure to pick up the fantastic VLC media player]

3 thoughts on “Stewart On O’Reilly”

  1. I say good on Jon. He handled himself very well in that interview. It would have been easy to get defensive, but I guess that’s why he’s on TV.

  2. I agree. Jon totally handled himself well. He knows what O’Reilly is about and I wouldn’t expect him to pander to him. I’m pretty sure Jon thinks he’s a douche bag anyway, with which I happen to agree.

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