We the undersigned pledge our support for freedom of speech and expression on our airwaves, print, the Internet, broadcast, cable and satellite.

While we realize that the government has an obligation to protect our children, surely there needs to be a limit to what is regulated. Adults and parents are capable of making decisions about what to watch, read or listen to and are certainly capable of turning off or putting down anything that may offend them or their children.

As voting citizens, we ask our elected officials to consider your actions in attempting to further regulate television, radio, cable, satellite, print and Internet content.

We consider further censorship attempts to be unconstitutional and we will fight these actions by voting for a politician who cares about our rights as Americans.

Please sign the petition.

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  1. Ellogoods Avatar

    Well, what a pleasure it is to stumble upon this site and then this petition which i will sign and forward to many through email. It just so happens that I posted a song and someone seemed fit to assume that I was dissing “Jesus” and took exception to it. Never mind that I was not dissing anyone’s faith but it illustrated to me, once again that while I who am not very religious am tolerant of all people who choose to believe in what ever they choose to but oftentimes, it is those religious ones who do not share my tolerance.

    The religious right is making strides in this country, effecting politics and it has to stop. It is time to tell the government that we are able to raise our own kids, to shelter them from what media we deem as harmful and we are not the source of some polititians salvation. We do not need to be saved, we are not a notch on some cross.

    And, we need to grow up. After Nipplegate, it seems that we are turning the clock backwards… and yet we freely let violence be shone on the boobtube (pun intended) and yet, sensuality and sexuality and skin is considered indecent and shameful. We are all topsy turvy.

  2. Brad Avatar

    Good words.