Support Gay Marriage

If you live in California, you can make a quick phone call (takes less than a minute) to Governor Schwarzenegger to let him know you support gay marriage. His office is conducting a phone poll, and as you can probably imagine the right wing conservatives are flooding the poll. Make the call and make a difference. Here’s how it works:

Call (916) 445-2841
On the phone tree, press in order:
Press #5 for “Hot Issues.”
Press #1 for Same Sex Marriage.
Press #1 to support gay marriage in California (my suggestion).
You’re done.

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  1. ich heisse kathie Avatar
    ich heisse kathie


    i found it kinda misleading how the recording said “to voice your opinion..” i don’t remember it saying anything how it was really a poll. well true, you are voicing your opinion, oh whatevs, ha.