I’ve been wanting to get my kids’ names tattooed on me for a while. After having a bad experience with an artist, I decided to use 99designs.com for one of them and the results are incredible. Can’t wait to show it off, once it’s tattooed on me.

I’m a massive fan of the music and culture of Ghostly. They have an awesome new site. Really loving the design. They even have a blog post with the team that did the redesign that was super interesting. I particularly love the catalog numbers and archive feel of everything.

Daring Fireball: Steve Jobs at WWDC 1997

The way to build a great anything — a product, a company, a book, a blog, an app, a service, a movie, anything — is not to obsess over not making mistakes. That leads to paralysis. Try to avoid mistakes, sure. But recognize that you’ll inevitably make some, and create a culture and work ethic where mistakes get identified and fixed.

Source: Daring Fireball: Steve Jobs at WWDC 1997

Designers who can go deep in technology like a computer scientist, and who can also understand people like a social scientist, are the designers who can think and create at the scale of millions of users. They are the ones who can manage the shifting standards and technologies that seemingly change every week. They are the ones the world needs right now.