Public companies almost inevitably seek to grow profits faster than expected, which means beyond the organic growth that comes from doing what made them great in the first place. In order to gain that profit, it’s typical to hire people and reward them for measuring and increasing profits, even at the expense of what the company originally set out to do.


FEATURED FEATURE: Installing the exfm extension

Get the most out of exfm by adding the lightweight yet incredibly powerful exfm extension. It installs in seconds and discovers music all day long. It also adds several really nice features you can’t get without the extension.

Installing the extension gets you:

  • Continuous audio playback even if you close a tab!
  • Instant detection of mp3s on a page – complete with in-line controls
  • The addition of the mini exfm Site Player to pages with mp3s
  • Access to the super handy exfm drop-down queue (pictured) for fingertip access to all your exfm audio
  • The ability to Love, Queue and Share tracks right from the extension
  • Quick access back to exfm from anywhere on the web

The extension is available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Take a minute and intall one in the browser of your choice. You’ll be glad you did.

So while Amazon and Google run around trying to beat Apple at the download game (which by the way, without closed device ecosystems they’ll always come second) Facebook avoids having to deal with labels, brings something new to the digital music equation and quietly builds the data foundations of something potentially transformational to launch further down the line.