It’s been a good run, tumblr friends, but Suicidewatch’s days are numbered. the DMCA notifications were just too many and now Yahoo is about to drop the hammer on my 6 year old blog. copyright law is a motherfucker. this should be expected when you name your blog Suicidewatch. Anyways my blog might be dying, but sadly I will live on as a wandering spirit of the internet moaning about all those lost followers (there are a fuckload of you!!!) 

I have a new tumblr account called ONLY THE YOUNG DIE YOUNG which is basically just gonna be Suicidewatch part 2 where I will be shifting posts. lots of reblogging and reposting will be going on over there.

if you want an archive for all of my mixes, they are reposted over on my blogspot account Ghettoblasters and Switchblades. my flickr account has most all of the images I have ever scanned for this blog. my Instagram is where you can stalk my sad boring boring life. and twitter is where you can see me complain about football and tv shows and comic books and lots of other uninteresting shit. 

thanks to everyone who followed this blog for 6 years, messaged me, chatted about music, reblogged my playlists, and basically made this a fun distraction. 

One of my favorites. Farewell. Hello again.